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 RFID EIXT Access Control

     Access Control T-10141

T-10141 is a compact, robust and lightweight metal access controller with remarkable features such as IP65 waterproof and dustproof, vandal resistant and slim design. It is suitable for installation in space limited area and especially outdoor environment.

It is equipped with a keypad to operate in standalone mode by connecting a door lock, exit switch, alarm and door sensor to the relay contacts. This durable keypad is also backlit for ease of use in low lighting conditions.

The new T-10141 has an Auxiliary Input interface to link with an external source, for instance a smoke or gas detector etc., or an emergency switch. Once the linkage is triggered, the device would automatically generate an alarm signal and open the door in case of emergency situations. 


• Reads password and/or 125KHz EM card; Optional to read 13.56MHz Mifare card
• Built-in auxiliary input with enhanced flexibility to link with wired detector or emergency switch
• Supports SRB mini controller by wiegand connection
• Supports switch to Reader Mode and configurable wiegand 26 bit or 34 bit
• Anti-vandal, waterproof & back-lit keypad with metal key buttons
• Audible beep and visible indicator provide feedback for the user
• Access control interfaces for electric lock, door sensor, alarm, exit button and doorbell
• Lock Control Delay, Unlock Duration Alarm Delay are programmable from 1 to 254 second
• Optical tamper switch and multiple alarm outputs
• Slim, elegant and rugged design

Access control T-10141


Card Capacity

8 Password Groups 

Password Capacity

White backlit, Numeric keys 0~9, Function keys *, #, Bell


Card, PW, Card/PW, Card+PW

Verification Type

125 kHz EM card (Optional 13.56 MHz Mifare card)

Built-in Card Reader

Electric lock, Door sensor, Alarm, Exit button and Doorbell

Access Control Interface

Wiegand out

Wiegand Interface

12V DC

Power In

-20 °C-50 °C

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity




Ingress Protection Rate

     Access Control T-10141

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