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کارت RFID network RJ-45 Exit access control

Entrance Control T-50321

Tripod turnstiles are compact and cost-effective entrance solutions. Designing for smooth and silent operation, reducing power consumption, wear and tear. It is suitable for areas with a high traffic.

The T-50321 series offer a well-designed, two-legged casework made of stainless steel, ideal for sites where a high traffic and robustness are issued.

By receiving a signal from the access control system, or pushing button, it allows the entry of one person in a time. Entering into different directions are electronically controlled. Default mode is to lock the mechanism until a valid authorization signal is received. If you want to set one side free, you can adjust the mechanism. In case of emergency, the horizontal arm will drop to allow free passage. Led way mode indicators are included as standard.


  • Alloy steel tripod hub prevents mechanical wear

  • Casework and tripod arms manufactured in stainless steel

  • Electromagnets for lock are used only when being activated. They are in standby mode when the device is idle.

  • High quality electrical components

Safety and User-Orientated Design

  • Drop arm designed for emergency purpose

  • No exposed screws, safer for the user.

  • Smooth operation designed for mas transit application

  • The pictogram on the device indicating access permission and direction of movement

  • Special designed case shape, user-friendly for passenger to punch card or finger.

  • Anti-tailgate

Easy Integration

  • Flexible reader installation plate. Customers can easily integrate with third party redaer

  • Standard electrical interface for third party device.

  • Using compact mechanism, the turnstile has more space inside for integration

  • tiger provides integration service in factory, with board and peripherals installed, ensuring compliance of the system. When the turnstile is delivered, just plug it in and do the setting. Save the cost of installation.

  • The design of being vacuum at the bottom part of the device, enables easy installation for other hardwares.

Entrance Control T-50321


Fingerprint capacity


Card Capacity


Logs capacity

Input controlled by dry contact

Control System

Alternative material or shape, third-party access control integration, ticket system integration, passage counter

Optional functions

25- 48 passage/minute

Flow Rate


Working Environment

AC 220V/110V, 50/60Hz

Power Supply

-28 °C- 60 °C

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity

111×98×26(CM) + arm length 50CM



Net Weight

 60 W

Rated Power


Pictogram Indication


Emergency Button Input

Entrance Control T-50321

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