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Smart Lock L-10105

Hotel the intelligent hotel lock system offers standalone solution to meet hotel’s demand on security and management, which features 13.56MHz Mifare card technology and hotel management software. The style and color of lock fit any type of hotel. With the hotel management software, hotels can perform essential management tasks quickly and easily with minimal training. The body of lock is made by zinc alloy which is strong enough to protect the system from any considerable outside impact. Lock is powered by four high-capacity alkaline AA batteries that can last up to 20,000 unlocking activities.Hotel Locks management with software, easy installation and easy connect with software.


  • Zinc Alloy material, elegant and rigorous.
  • U.S standard five-latch mortise.
  • Colors for Option: Golden and Silver.
  • Door thickness required from 35mmto55mm.
  • Low voltage warning.
  • Access record checking.
  • Multi-language software.
  • Reliability.

Smart Lock L-10105

Zinc Alloy


S50/S70 Mifare card

Card type

   Mechanical key

Backup unlock mechanism

 <4.8 V

Low voltage warming

Windows XP/Vista


4 AA batteries

Power supply

0℃ -45℃

Operating Temperature




Dimension(L x W x H)

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